Zezheng Song

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Zezheng Song

Email: zsong001 AT umd DOT edu

About me

I am a doctoral candidate in Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation (AMSC) Program at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am fortunately advised by Prof. Haizhao Yang.

My research interests encompass computational mathematics, machine learning, numerical linear algebra, and their practical applications in various scientific fields.

Before joining UMD, I graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in Mathematical Sciences.


My research interests include

  • Scientific Machine Learning

  • High Performance Computing

  • Mathematical Data Science

  • Dynamical Systems

  • Numerical Linear Algebra


  • [11-22-2022] Advanced to doctoral candidacy.

  • [06-27-2022] Started 10-week internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.